About Alex

👋 My day job is spent helping some of the largest companies in the world tackle Cyber Security and Digital Identity.

Learn Docker and Docker Compose

Build out your own blog using one of the most popular blogging platforms. The series is over 8 posts.

  1. How to Setup Docker and Docker Compose for Ghost Blog
  2. How to setup NGINX reverse proxy with automatic Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate Generation on Docker for a Ghost blog
  3. How To Setup A Ghost blog Using MariaDB with NGINX SSL on Docker
  4. How to Setup NGINX Alpine for Lightweight Static Files on Docker
  5. How to setup Commento on Docker Compose

Docker Series ->

Automate Management of your Docker Containers

Leverage automation to help manage your Docker containers and images.

  1. Auto update Docker Containers by setting up Watchtower
  2. How to Prune Docker Images Automatically with a Daily Cron job

Use Cloudflare to Protect Services

Build out protection mechanisms on your own services with Cloudflared and Cloudflare Teams Access

  1. How to configure Cloudflare Tunnels for a secure Ghost blog
  2. Self Host Gitlab on Docker with Cloudflare Zero Trust

Cloudflare Series ->