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Server Hosting


Vultr is one of the best Virtual Private Server hosting platform - Trust me, i've been looking for years. In fact this blog is hosted on their infrastructure out of Sydney! You can deploy any number of Virtual private servers on an hourly basis globally across their 22 locations with varying specs. The price to specification with Vultr is exceptional especially if you decide to go with their ultra high frequency VPS's.

The link below get you $100 in credit for the first month to have a crack!


When this blog had previously used Wordpress prior to switching to Ghost BlueHost was my go to service. There was a couple of key things which initially drew me to their services prior to switching to hosting my Blog on a VPS with Vultr:

  • The initial cost to start your own Wordpress website is incredibly low, sub $5 here in Australia where over 300 themes are included out of the box.
  • On a Security and performance front, they have a one click setup for Cloudflare integration so you can tweak parameters.