How To Create Your Own Self Hosted Ghost Blog with Docker

Host your own blog in 2021 like me with Docker and Docker Compose using Ghost, NGINX and Letsencrypt. find out about day 2 functionality such as comments, Cloudflare and Automatic updates

How To Create Your Own Self Hosted Ghost Blog with Docker
Wiring up a self hosted Ghost blog


So I decided to try and move my blog and a few other web pages and apps to a new faster, more secure service to decrease load times and to automate some of the updating and backup processes.

Here's the complete journey I went on and how I did it - enjoy!

The Goal

This how-to series focuses on dockerising and securing everything you need to self-host and run a blazing-fast Ghost blog.

This includes an NGINX reverse proxy and its Letsencrypt SSL Companion, Ghost itself and a Maria database.

  1. How to Setup Docker and Docker Compose for Ghost Blog
  2. How to setup NGINX reverse proxy with automatic Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate Generation on Docker for a Ghost blog
  3. How To Setup A Ghost blog Using MariaDB with NGINX SSL on Docker
  4. How to Setup NGINX Alpine for Lightweight Static Files on Docker
  5. How to setup Commento on Docker Compose
  6. Auto update Docker Containers by setting up Watchtower
  7. How to Prune Docker Images Automatically with a Daily Cron job

Overarching Architecture

Overarching architecture for Ghost blog using Docker Compose, Nginx and Lets Encrypt
Overarching Architecture